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Validator 13011 (Pool: whale 0x21d3)

pool Whale 0x21d3 pool Whale
Rank 22.1 % 300286
Status Active
32.00913 ETH 32.0 ETH
Effectiveness 99% - Good
46(98% )
276435(99% )
Total Rewards +6.17517 ETH
Income Today +0.00124 ETH
Income 1d | 7d | 31d +0.00215 | +0.01505 | +0.06638
APR 7d | 31d | 365d 2.45% | 2.44% | 4.72%
Income 7d +0.01505 ETH
APR 7d 2.45%
Luck 113.6% | -
Epoch Slot Status Time Root Hash Att. Dep. Sl. Pro/Att Ex. Graffiti
Epoch Slot Status Time Incl. Slot Opt.Incl.Dist.

Withdrawal Address

Your current withdrawal credentials are: 0x0100…5830

Your withdrawal credential were successfully changed during epoch 200339 and slot 6410851. The signature included (0xb4c1…0291 ) was signed by your BLS private key and can be verified with your BLS public key (0x9693…30d2). Payouts will be sent to 0xC436Eb….

Execution Layer

This table displays the deposits made to the Ethereum staking deposit contract.
From Address Tx Hash Block Time Withdrawal Cred. Amount Valid
0xC436Eb…AB5830 0x96a946… 11316825 0x00b8…05ff 32 ETH true

Consensus Layer

This table displays the deposits received and processed by the beacon chain.
Epoch Slot Time Withdrawal Credential Amount Signature
0 0 0x00b8…05ff 32 ETH 0x976b…bffc
Epoch Slot Time Recipient Address Amount
Validator History
Epoch Rewards Events