Validator 129161 (Pool:

Rank 43.2 % 241021
Status Active
35.19949 ETH 32.0 ETH
Effectiveness 98% - Good
17(100% )
156033(100% )
16384(97% )
Today +0.00172 ETH
Last Week +0.01998 ETH
Last Month +0.0891 ETH
APR 3%
Eligible since
Active since
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Withdrawal Address

Your current withdrawal credentials are: 0x00da…a9e1

Execution Layer

This table displays the deposits made to the Ethereum staking deposit contract.
From Address Tx Hash Block Time Withdrawal Cred. Amount Valid
0x5D6B0D… 0x75d525… 12360763 0x00da…a9e1 32 ETH true

Consensus Layer

This table displays the deposits received and processed by the beacon chain.
Epoch Slot Time Withdrawal Credential Amount Signature
34529 1104953 0x00da…a9e1 32 ETH 0xa6b7…abf4
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